In a Vase on Monday – Winter Flowers … South Florida Style

It has been rainy and windy here. Not the usual winter (dry season) weather, though the season officially starts December 1, so I suppose I should be grateful for the precipitation. The wind has blown the flowering shrubs over with the weight of the flowers flopping to the ground. A significant pruning is in order to get the Esperanza (in yellow) back in order. The white Bougainvillea is going mad with flowers and very little green growth, so I was glad to trim a few for this vase.

The Beautyberries are ending their season and whoever the birds were that enjoyed the fruit seem to have flown further south. This is the time of year for bird watching in South Florida. Flocks of birds pass through on a daily basis, lining up on power lines to rest. White herons walk on hedges to pick the gourmet insects off and Ibis are patrolling lawns with their long beaks probing for grubs. I have seen everything from hummingbirds to vultures. I never realized the extent of migration until observing the southern end.

The vase is an old florist vase I fear was used last week. Oh well. The contents:

Beautyberry (Calliocarpa americana) is coming at you! In all its purple glory. The yellow flowers are Esperanza (Tecoma stans), other common names include Yellow Elder and Yellow Bells. I like Esperanza because it means hope in Spanish. The white flowers are Miss Alice Bougainvillea, this makes a surprisingly good and long lasting cut flower.

The ferns are Boston Fern (Nephrolepis exaltata) in the back and a few sprigs of Asian Sword Fern on the side. I have noted I like to cut the Boston Fern, but don’t think it looks good in the garden. This is native here and just showed up in this odd space between a retaining wall and the fence.

I think I don’t like this because it always looks half good and half dead. On the plus side, it’s free greenery for arrangements and I couldn’t get rid of it if I tried, so my free greenery habit keeps it trimmed.

That’s my vase this Monday. To see more vases, visit Cathy at

Is anyone else having trouble with this block weirdness on WordPress?

Happy Winter and Happy Gardening!


21 comments on “In a Vase on Monday – Winter Flowers … South Florida Style

  1. Noelle says:

    That arrangement is very cheery helped of course by those beautiful yellow blooms.


  2. Annette says:

    Your winter vase is mind-blowing, Amy, wish we could pick such abundance here in Europe. Just took a little posy to a friend in hospital who’s dying. It was small, modest but full of scent and how wonderful to see the smile on her face when she examined, smelled it. The magic of flowers 🙂 You’re a very talented flower arranger.


  3. Cathy says:

    I don’t use the block editing, Amelia – I use the Classic version which fortunately is still available. I think WP must have realised that some people just want to stick with the ‘original’ – which to me is far more user-friendly anyway. Your vase today is so zingy with the contrast between the green and the yellow, and the white bougainvillea has such a fetching hint of green. Hope you have a good week

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    • Thanks, Cathy. I think I found the classic editor. They changed the block nonsense again in November and made it worse. I agree with you. I am in favor of being user friendly. Hopefully, I can find all the tabs again.

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  4. Kris P says:

    It’s a lovely arrangement, Amelia. I’ve yet to find a white-flowered bougainvillea (by any name) but I’m still on the lookout for it. Your Boston fern reminds me of our native western sword fern, which I complain about for similar reasons. I’ve never tried it in a vase but, based on your experience, I’ll have to see if it works for me.

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  5. Cathy says:

    Really love your vase today Amelia! Especially the Esperanza. That yellow is gorgeous. And the bougainvillea must have been flowering for ages now and is still giving. I don’t use the block editor as it is just so illogical – I managed to find a way to stay with the classic one. If your version is the same as mine: When you click on ‘Posts’, you see ‘Add New’ at the top. Tap on the arrow next to it and you can choose between classic and block. 😃

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    • Thanks, Cathy. I think I got the Boug at precisely the right time with the fertilizer. Thank you for the Classic Editor info, I finally managed to find it. The block editor has gotten worse since they started it, it is even more illogical.

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  6. So pretty! I always love your floral arrangements. I also struggle with the new editor and need to go back to the classic one. I’m also not getting everyone’s new posts in my feed reader. So frustrating!

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  7. tonytomeo says:

    Gee, two of my favorites for next year! . . . and I do not mean the white ‘Miss Alice’ bougainvillea, . . . . although I do enjoy both bougainvillea and white. Crazy Green Thumbs sent me seed for esperanza (as well as poinciana), and Forest Garden sent me beautyberry seedlings!

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  8. Horticat says:

    The yellow and white look fresh and bright paired with your Boston fern, Amelia. I know what you mean about that fern. It goes crazy in gardens around here too – at least you get unlimited free foliage 🙂


  9. Eliza Waters says:

    Beautiful combination, Amy! Yellow and white always offer such a clean and cheerful look. I have a potted Boston fern and have the same problem with fronds that turn brown and dry half way down. I usually get fed up and give it a severe trim to start over again!

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  10. That arrangement is gorgeous. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

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