Six on Saturday – Relish

There are many things to relish about the winter garden in South Florida. Above is actually relish! This is Roselle/Apple/Pecan relish made from Roselles grown in my garden. We ate it on Christmas Eve with the classic American meal – turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes and green beans.

I have been enjoying vases and vases of flowers from these two, Globe Amaranth and Green Envy Zinnias. This one has culinary Fennel (not from the garden) I ate that, too.

The bag garden continues to recieve additions. This bag has Sugar Baby Watermelons underplanted with Bush Beans. Theoretically, the beans will fix nitrogen and feed the watermelons. I am going to, hopefully, train the watermelons up the hefty bamboo teepees and tie the fruit on with slings. The fruit weighs eight pounds, so this should be interesting.

Hopefully, these are the first fruit buds on the Cuban Avocado. A friend grew this from seed, it is the rare Avocado that is true to seed, they are usually grafted. It is now five years old and at the proper age to bear fruit. Fingers crossed.

A very typical sight on my front porch. A Anole lizard sunning on a pot of succulents. The succulents are, in bud, a Desert Rose (Adenium obesum) and a Fish hook Senecio.

That’s the rundown this Saturday on what I am relishing in my garden. To see SOS posts from other gardens follow this link

Happy Gardening!!


19 comments on “Six on Saturday – Relish

  1. fredgardener says:

    Did you start sowing beans and watermelon at the same time in this bag or one earlier than the other? or in small separate pots before? anway it’s a good idea to mix the two growths and I can’t wait to see if you were right in this choice.

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  2. Someday I will get back on my space ship and come for another visit Queen. Lovely planet you have there.

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  3. Your green zinnias are doing great and so is your bag garden. I hope your Cuban Avocado works out.

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  4. tonytomeo says:

    I heard about that avocado, perhaps here. Even though other avocados are not true to type, I know of many seed grown trees that produce very good avocados. In fact, I have met only one tree that produced avocados that were not good. (The problem is that such trees occupy space for a few years, only to get cut down if their fruit is no good.) I would be tempted to purchase a Cuban avocado if I ever encounter it in the market, just for the seed within. I recently purchased a yellow dragon fruit because a bit of the stem was attached to it.

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  5. Eliza Waters says:

    Everything looks great (even more so because nothing looks remotely like that here)! Supposed to get down to 7 tonight… ugh.
    So glad those bags are working well for you. I’m interested to see how the bean/melon layers play out.

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  6. Chloris says:

    I love the idea of growing water melons and beans in bags and avocados from seed. What exciting garden adventures you have in Florida.

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