Six on Saturday – Winter Wonderland

Not exactly the image the words “winter wonderland” conjure up? Welcome to South Florida and 2022’s first edition of Six on Saturday. To see more, probably wintry garden scenes from garden bloggers in more northern climes, follow the link

The flower above is a Billbergia Bromeliad, species ‘garage sale’ – though I suspect it is called ‘Purple Haze’. The foliage is purple, striped sideways sporting flowers of red, white and blue and flowering in January. Pretty trippy.

The next tropical surprise of the morning – ‘Chociana’ Heliconia (Heliconia psittacorum ‘Chociana’) I am still wondering what Chociana is. Note the bonus spider inside the flower.

I have been enjoying this magnificent Tropical Hydrangea for a couple of weeks. It is a Dombeya wallachii and about 15 feet tall.

The vegetable garden is doing well, I have been picking tomatoes daily for a week or so, the birds have beat me to them once, diligence is key.

Planning to thin my second crop of radishes this morning. These are my favorite, French breakfast.

Happy New Year from my Winter Wonderland.


16 comments on “Six on Saturday – Winter Wonderland

  1. fredgardener says:

    Are radishes on the French breakfast menu? Why not! Here it’s rather croissant and French bread (baguette)
    Anyway your Six is very colorful and successful: it feels good! Happy New Year to you and I wish you the best for 2022.

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  2. I have two plants that make the trippy blue flowers. They are so cool. The Dombeya is also a very colorful plant. Does it have a scent?

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  3. The Purple Haze is quite spectacular, isn’t it? We’ve had a green Christmas (previous snowfalls melted away) but we’re anticipating 10 – 20 cm overnight, with colder temperatures to follow, so we may have a proper winter yet! Happy New Year!!!

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  4. Eliza Waters says:

    The Dombeya blossoms always make me think of a bridesmaid bouquet… one stem would do it!

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  5. tonytomeo says:

    Now you got me wondering too. I know that name, Chociana, perhaps from the Los Angeles region, but when I looked for it, could not find it as a cultivar name for anything else. I do not know the names of the Heliconia there.

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  6. Chloris says:

    Wonderful January plants. Your Dombeya is fabulous.

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