A Week in Flowers – Day Three – Orchids

Welcome to the third installment of A Week in Flowers. Cathy at http://www.wordsandherbs.wordpress.com invited us to share a post a day for a week of flowers in our gardens. Today I am featuring orchids from my South Florida garden – they stay outside year round here. Follow the link to find more flowers from around the world.

Fragrant white Cattleya Orchids live in a pot outside my low slung living room window. These bloom every September and I enjoy watching them and usually cut some for a vase to enjoy the flowers and fragrance up close.

Orange landscape orchids (along with Gallardia) are a fairly common sight around here. These are Epidendrums; sometimes called Ground Orchids. I had some in the garden, but they squirrels dug them up so many times they withered and passed on.

The Orchid tree, not really an Orchid, but a very pretty flower. This is Bauhinia purpurea, I think.

This Orchid tree has purple Cattleya orchids that grow on the trunk. This is my neighbor’s tree, so I see it daily when flowering. One of my favorite summer plantings.

That is all for Day Three. Happy Flower Watching!


13 comments on “A Week in Flowers – Day Three – Orchids

  1. You are so lucky to grow these amazing flowers. The orchid tree will grow about 30 -40 miles south of me, but not up here. I tried.

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  2. Cathy says:

    How lovely to have these beauties in your garden! I love the pinky purple one in the last photo. 😃

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  3. Love the orchids, we used to bring orchids back from Singapore in the days when we traveled abroad.

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  4. pbmgarden says:

    I do admire your orchid tree. The Cattleya Orchids are fantastic–can’t imagine growing them and to have a neighbor with them too!

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  5. Eliza Waters says:

    These are beautiful, and the epidendrums are particularly eye-catching. I wish I could grow orchids outside in our trees! Alas, not to be!

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