Six on Saturday – Patience Rewarded

I am joining the International SOS crowd this Saturday featuring a selection of of six plants, flowers and buds I have been looking forward to. Follow the link to see more Six on Saturday posts from other gardens.

The Roselles (Hibiscus sabdariffa) are finally flowering! The flowers don’t last very long, the duration is morning. And that is it. I was trying to get pictures and it has to be done before lunch or they’ve closed. When the flowers began to make seed it will be time to harvest the calyxes. I planted the seed in April, the plants are now six feet and over and getting floppy.

Buds on the Medinillia cummingi. This is an orchid like plant that grows in trees in Tropical Asia. A friend gave me a rooted cutting this spring and said it would take two years to flower, so I am excited to see the buds. I think the flowers will look like pink grapes.

The succulents are finally filling the strawberry pot. A view in elevation:

The dark green plant in the top is Haworthia, the greys are an Echeveria, the charteuse one I can’t recall, though it has white flowers. The big leafed plant on the side is Flapjack Kalanchoe. The grey fine leaved plant is a native Tillandsia Bromeliad and the bigger leafed one is a Graptosedum. I keep this pot out of the rain.

First flower on a Desert Rose (Adenium obesum) I grew from a cutting.

Another pot of succulents on the porch. Purple Queen (Transcandentia pallida) in purple. Gold Moss (Sedum ‘some Florida Friendly BS’) – I find it virtually impossible to grow this Florida Friendly Sedum in the ground. Which annoys me. The big leafed plant is Flapjack Kalanchoe – it grows anywhere with well drained, sunny spot. It took ages for the Sedum to fill that little corner.

That is my Six for this Saturday.

Happy Gardening!!

15 comments on “Six on Saturday – Patience Rewarded

  1. fredgardener says:

    Beautiful succulents, nicely arranged in their pot. The roselle flower is charming, too bad it doesn’t last long …


  2. Your Flapjacks look great. I didn’t have any luck here, but they told me I could plant them in the ground. Probably too much sprinkler water.

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  3. Roguegarden says:

    I love flapjack kalanchoe! Tried growing it here, but it melted into black mush with the first hard frost. Will have to try again and bring it inside over the winter this time. Succulents in strawberry pots are such a delight. I know I’ve commented on them before, but the roselles have bewitched me. Are they easy to grow from seed?

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  4. tonytomeo says:

    Does anyone grow strawberries in strawberry pots anymore? They all seem to be full of small succulents.

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  5. Noelle M says:

    What a great idea: growing succulents in a strawberry pot, which often are discarded after one season of trying to grow stawberries, which suffer as it is difficult to water. They look quite content in that pot.

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  6. Jim Stephens says:

    You’ve posted about Roselles before and I’d always thought if it was easy for you it would be impossible here but when I saw your picture of its flower I was reminded of Hibiscus trionum, which I have grown, as an annual. Sounds like they may have similar requirements, and I have found a seed supplier, so I may have to give them a go.

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  7. pbmgarden says:

    A great selection. Your succulents are looking great. The Hibiscus sabdariffa is beautiful and your photo really highlights its appeal.

    Liked by 1 person

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