Six on Saturday – Back to the Garden

I am rejoining the Six on Saturday crowd this week after tending my husband last week. He is on the mend and I am happy to be back in the garden. I planted a few new things and found some summer flowers in the garden. Above is a Thyrallis (Galphimia glauca). These have been in the garden for two years. They are advertised to flower year round, not quite so far – though they make long lasting cut flowers.

A new plant in the garden – a Joy Perfume tree (Magnolia champaca). This is a tropical Magnolia, the flowers are used to make Joy perfume. I love the almost polka dotted foliage. I added a Ylang Ylang tree this winter (Chanel No. 5 is made from this tree’s flowers). I hope they are far enough apart. I have a Tropical Lavendar on the other side of the garden. I have a feeling there is enough scent in the garden. Both trees have a reputation for strongly scented flowers. Time will tell.

Another interesting tropical, Chandelier Plant (Medinilla cumingii). A friend shared a rooted cutting with me this spring, it is taking off in a container on my front porch. Similar to orchids, a tropical rainforest plant that lives in trees. This one should have flowers like pink grapes this summer. I am excited to see the flowers. The usual Medinilla I see around here is M. magnifica.

Petunia exserta, grown from seed by my neighbor, are in full flower on the front porch. My porch is a bit overrun with plants right now. I have found it is the best place to grow things from seeds and cuttings.

The first Passionfruit of the year. These have to stay on the vine to ripen – the gardener has to keep a close eye on these to beat the varmints to the fruit.

The last tomatoes of the season. I have had so many good tomatoes this year I decided it was worth the trouble to do it again – but only in containers. The plants in the ground did not do well even with irrigation..

That’s Six from South Florida this Saturday. To see more posts from gardens around the world visit The Propagator at


11 comments on “Six on Saturday – Back to the Garden

  1. Lots of good looking tomatoes there – will you make a chutney or just eat them? Hope your husband is on the mend.


  2. tonytomeo says:

    Ylang Ylang as it smells in incense is nothing like Chanel #5. Actually, I am none too keen on the incense, even though Chanel #5 is my favorite, and was my mother’s favorite. My colleague down south has a small specimen.
    Passion fruit used to be a common crop in Beverly Hills in Los Angeles County. I was told a long time ago that the common passion fruit vines that seem to be naturalized there now, and can be difficult to eradicate, are descendants of those in the orchards. However, the naturalized sort are just the common ornamental type. I know that they ‘can’ produce fruit, but I do not think that they are very productive. Perhaps they were more productive in cultivation. (?)

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    • We will see about the Ylang ylang, I am suspicious I am too far north for it to thrive. I do not know what passionfruit I was supposed to be red flowered. and fruitless. A lot of people around here complain about the vines overtaking their gardens. Not so far here, will see.

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      • tonytomeo says:

        I tried to get rid of an old passion fruit vine at my colleagues parent’s home because it does get aggressive. Fortunately, it does not get very big before replacing itself. (New vines come up from within, as if it is regenerating after dying back for winter, . . . except that it does not die back in winter there.) It is the common sort that has always grown there. It was rooted into a fracture in the foundation of the house, so regenerates from roots left in there. To get rid of it, the growth would need to be removed regularly, until the roots die.


  3. Your garden is going to smell heavenly.

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  4. fredgardener says:

    Growing up ylang-ylang here is an impossible mission but where you live you will certainly be successful. I’m sure you’ll come back to show us that in bloom!
    Very pretty flowers of Petunia exserta that I didn’t know

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  5. Pádraig says:

    The last tomatoes? It it that it’s too hot between now and September? Mine are just coming into flower but it will be mid-July before we can get to eat them.

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