Six on Saturday – Simple Pleasures

I am joining the Six on Saturday gang at with six photos of interest from my garden this Saturday. I am celebrating the simple pleasures this week.

The irrigation system has been repaired after a week’s hiatus with a clogged valve. My husband fixed it. Yay!. Droplets of water on Muhly Grass. It has been dry this week, the birds and butterflies were enjoying a drink along with the plants.

Irrigation in action. A half acre is too much to water by hand..

A mad cool black and white spotted moth chrysalis. I think this was two moths and they left together.

Tomato seedlings are coming up. Yellow Pear and San Marzanos are up, the Riesenstrube are shy so far.

My first homegrown carrot. ‘Very carroty’ is what my husband said. I planted the seeds in January!

Sweetshrub (Calycanthus floridus) emerging from seed. This is a native shrub to the Southeastern US that bears fragrant red flowers in the summer. I think I am a bit too far south for these. I collected some seed in a client’s garden a couple of years ago and decided to give it a go, not realizing they are famously difficult to grow from seed. Two out of eighteen sprouted. A shoot is appearing out of the middle of the curled leaves. The plant on the lower right is a weed, Artillery Fern, I was hesitant to disturb the seedling..

My six for this Saturday. Happy gardening…


29 comments on “Six on Saturday – Simple Pleasures

  1. I’m glad your got your irrigation fixed as it is a pain to hand water so much. I was testing mine late one morning and all the birds came for a shower.

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    • Me, too. Of course, it is raining today after all that. And the Dragonflies showed up…? Oh! I wanted to ask you a question. Do you cut your heirloom Pentas back? Mine are getting floppy.

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      • I’m not sure that mine are are heirloom. They are “Graffiti” and grow 12 – 14″. I have them in the front yard where I have to meet neighborhood requirements. (Got written up for a dead Bluebonnet, which was just ripening its seeds.) Most of these will come back after the winter and I do cut anything that looks dead and would upset the CIA…yes that is the name they go by.

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      • LOL, the CIA got after you for Bluebonnet seeds? That should be illegal in Texas. Yours are not heirloom, I think they are a variety of these. They are supposedly more attractive to butterflies. Something about butterflies not liking white throated Pentas. I will trim a bit and see what happens. Thanks.

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  2. A good six! haha… your carrots are hairy just like mine!

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  3. Instead of buying San Marzano ‘type’ canned tomatoes, I decided to grow the real thing this year. OMG they are ⁷SO vigorous!!! Sturdy, shoots coming off every leaf node, productive and fast growing and ripening. Give them lots of room!

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  4. Love that moth chrysalis. Will be fascinating to see the creature emerge.

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  5. tonytomeo says:

    Sweetshrub sounds interesting. Those who are acquainted with it seem to like it. Our native is spicebush. I sort of like it, and am surprised by how popular it is. It really does not look all that impressive.

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  6. Congratulations on the carrot. I am currently growing potatoes. I love the detail on your photos – that grass is stunning!

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  7. Eliza Waters says:

    Cute baby carrot– I love the taste if freshly dug carrots – delish!
    Glad you got your sprinkler fixed, hand watering is soooo boring, I simply cannot find the Zen in it, esp. when it is hot.
    Pretty spotted moths – guess you interrupted their intimate moment. 😉

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    • It was delish, the evil rabbit bit one and spit it out..can’t find Zen in watering either, though I have heard people say that. I am not sure about the moths – a type of Tiger Moth, crazy looking things.

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  8. Chloris says:

    Well done for getting calycanthus to germinate. I have one called Hartlage Wine which I love. It is blooming for the second time this year. I love the moth chrysalis.

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  9. cavershamjj says:

    congratulations on your carrot! they are my veggie nemesis, i cannot grow them for love nor money. and yet i still gamely try every year. glutton for punishment..,.


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