Six on Saturday-Porch Pots

I am joining The Propagator this Saturday with six items of interest from my front porch. I use my porches for propagation and composed containers. Above is one of my containers with Zinnias, Gold Sedum and Flapjack Kalanchoe for the summer.

I found a strawberry pot by the side of the road and decided to plant it with succulents. Here is a Graptosedum taking hold in the side pocket.

The top of the strawberry pot has a Haworthia along the edge. A friend gifted me this one, I am not sure which Haworthia it is, I hope it flowers.

The Neoregelia Bromeliad in the pot is in mid pupping, the mother plant on the left side is dying as the new pups takes over the container. The Graptosedums also have some offspring.

Here is a close up of the Dwarf Cheniile Plant (Acalypha pendula). This plant can be used as a groundcover here, but I have it planted as a spiller in a container.

I propagate plants on the front porch as well. From the left, a bit of ‘Song of India’ Dracaena I found by the side of the road and three Desert Rose cuttings taken while pruning bigger plants I have in containers at another entrance to my house. The Roses are slowly rooting while leaning on the wall.

That is my six for this Saturday, join the meme or see posts from around the world at

Happy Gardening!!


15 comments on “Six on Saturday-Porch Pots

  1. I love your selection this week and you have named a succulent that I have had for many years:

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  2. A quick search on that engine brings me up nothing!

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  3. Nice use of a strawberry pot!

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  4. Such beautiful names, they sound (and are) so exotic!

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  5. That is a great use for a strawberry pot. They are always so confusing to water. We got very little rain from the hurricane, as we are just far enough away from the coast.

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  6. tonytomeo says:

    Desert rose cuttings look like plumeria or frangipani to me. Are they the same?

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  7. cavershamjj says:

    lovely, i am a recent convert to pots. i must get more.

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