Six on Saturday – Pole Beans and Papayas

It’s time for Six on Saturday. A garden meme based in the UK; hosted by The Propagator. The concept is to post photos of six items of interest from your garden. Follow this link to see more:THE LINK.

I have flowers, fruits and vegetables coming along in my garden. Today I had a papaya for breakfast and picked pole beans. I may make a Papaya Seed dressing for the beans later, this papaya had especially peppery seeds.


The Mango trees are busy making fruit and they are big enough to see the difference in varieties. This is a Nam Doc Mai, a fiberless Thai dessert Mango.


This is a Pickering, a condo Mango – dwarf varieties that bear fruit early.


A pineapple flower, just starting.


Buds on the Lotusleaf Begonia


AndΒ  buds on the Leonitis, I love these spiky ball buds and flowers. I am proud of these, started from seed in September.


That’s my six from South Florida.

Happy Gardening.


14 comments on “Six on Saturday – Pole Beans and Papayas

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    That papaya looks delicious! I didn’t know you can eat their seeds, I’ve been throwing them away all these years. Champagne mango season is right around the corner – I love their creamy flesh, so yummy. Is that kind the first one you pictured?

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    • It was delicous! Papaya seed salad dressing is very common in Hawaii, made with onions, oil and vinegar and Papaya seeds. the spiciness (?) varies with the Papaya, that one is hot. Champagne Mangoes are a Mexican variety, I think the Thai (that is a Thai mango) have the dessert category and an astounding number of cultivars. The papaya is Mexican, though!

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  2. All those exotic fruits! That begonia looks like the one I was telling you about.

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    • I realized recently I am eating more (I don’t consider them exotic anymore) I guess tropical fruits. I was just moving around Florida native blueberries though I don’t have high hopes for fruit. That begonia I have not seen anywhere but here – it is probably four feet tall and wide, huge.

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  3. What a wondeful six. Sai igood to see plants from a different climate zone. Thank you.

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  4. Papaya? I am dribbling! Lovely to feel the warmth πŸ™‚


  5. tonytomeo says:

    Papayas and mangoes. How rad. Mangoes can be grown in the Los Angeles region, but not so easily up here.


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