In A Vase on Monday – Semi Topiary


It is Thanksgiving week in the US and I decided to try arranging a little topiary for the table in fall colors. I think of topiaries as clipped formally shaped affairs, this one is not. It is a casual, all native plants arrangement, more tree form than topiary.


Three plants are used in this arrangement: the flowers and berries are from Firebush (Hamelia patens var patens) The off white flowers are from the Juba Bush (Iresine diffusa), and the stuffings (Like a Turkey!) for the vase are from Sabal Palms (Palmetto sabal) Here is a closer look:


I don’t really know what the bits from the Sabal Palm are called, the white curly stuff on top comes from the edges of the palm fronds and the brown peat moss like material (birds use it for nests) I used to fill the vase comes from the boots (where the fronds leave the trunk of the tree and cross over)

Here is the palm:

20181118_104239The pumpkin is probably an ornamental gourd that I bought at Aldi during the Halloween season. It is holding up much better than the orange pumpkins and may last until Thanksgiving. I am not too sure about using the semi topiary on the table, there were some really odd white spiders running away from me as I was taking pictures.

And Halloween is over!

Happy Thanksgiving.


24 comments on “In A Vase on Monday – Semi Topiary

  1. Christina says:

    Another really inventive vase. I love the white threads from the palm, really clever of you to think to use them.

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  2. I was wondering what the curly stuff was. So creative!

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  3. What an exotic arrangement – very different! Until you mentioned ALDI I was thinking you live, and garden, in exotic parts. Lovely.


  4. Peter Herpst says:

    Nicely done as always! I so admire your native plants. You should put the arrangement on the table as a few spiders jumping on to guests will liven up the gathering substantially:)

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  5. Cathy says:

    Yes, the curly stuff is a brilliant addition, bringing everything together, and the result is such a unique Thanksgiving arrangement – thanks for sharing it

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  6. This is such a unique blend of natives and I love the upright tree form!

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  7. pbmgarden says:

    Creative presentation. Happy Thanksgiving Amelia.

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  8. Eliza Waters says:

    Very nice, I like the creative flair with the palm. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

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  9. Kris P says:

    I love the “stuffing,” which I took for Spanish moss at first. The arrangement is perfect for Thanksgiving and, as the spiders have already headed off for parts unknown, it should do just fine as a centerpiece.

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  10. tonytomeo says:

    Sabal palmetto! Is that the state tree? Sabal minor is a native to the very southeastern corner of Oklahoma, which means that Oklahoma has as many native specie of palm as California does! Contrary to popular believe, there is only one species of palm that is native to Hawaii. All others were imported.

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  11. Cathy says:

    I love all the different elements used in addition to the actual flowers. Happy Thanksgiving!

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