In A Vase on Monday – Zinnias & Veg


It is a happy Sunday in my garden. The winter vegetables are ripening and the Zinnias are flowering. This is the first week of February and, as a lifelong resident of the Northern Hemisphere, seems a bit odd to me- having Zinnias and vegetables from the garden. We have been eating lettuce, cabbage, herbs, green beans and radishes from my garden; peppers, potatoes and snow peas are coming soon.


A major consideration when moving to Florida is the total avoidance of winter and we moved to South Florida for its lack thereof. So far, so good. The Zinnias started to flower a week or two ago, not very impressive so I let them go. Now, I wish I had planted more seed and will go to search for more Cactus Zinnia seed. I admit, to being a (former) Zinnia snob. I grew Mexican Zinnias (Z.linearis or now,angustifolia) in containers for years -always considering the other types, pedestrian.

I announce my love for the pedestrian Zinnia! Who wouldn’t fall in love with these cheerful pink and orange flowers? I have, years too late.


The pink and orange flowers are Cactus Zinnias. Funky orange and red flowers,  our native Gallardias that have just started back up. Foliage is from the vegetable garden, green leaves from Chinese Cabbage, darker ferny foliage from Copper Fennel. Glass container, an heirloom from my mother- I am certain she would join me in being thrilled with the Zinnias and Winter Veg.

Happy Monday.

30 comments on “In A Vase on Monday – Zinnias & Veg

  1. pbmgarden says:

    Delightful! Glad you and zinnias have seen how compatible you are!

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  2. Chloris says:

    Oh I envy you with all lovely veg and your gorgeous zinnias. I remember a time when everyone grew pastel colours and silver foliage and brightly coloured flowers were definitely non-U. Now thank goodness we all adore dahlias and zinnias, the brighter the better. And your zinnias are certainly bright. I love them. A lovely arrangement Amy, just what we need on a cold, dismal day.

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  3. I am so jealous and ready to move to Florida. Even in a good year, I don’t think we could have zinnias in winter, but I may try next year. Your veggies look good. I’m trying to get a second crop going.

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    • I was reading sow Zinnias 3/15 for North Florida, probably same as you. I am going to try some more, just planted probably the last lettuce. Giant Caesar! The Salad Bowl and baby Snow Peas are chilling for dinner. It is actually cooler here in the summer here, which surprised me when I was there in late June. Move on down!

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  4. I really do adore your winter garden as it gives me a hope and promise for mine in about 2-3 months….such a delight to have veggies now and those zinnias…wow!

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  5. I used to think the same way about Zinnias but I have seen so many fabulous ones in other’s gardens, that I’ve learned to appreciate them. And don’t they make a cheerful bouquet.

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  6. Cathy says:

    As Chloris said, many of us have had our horizons extended and tastes changed in recent years, to a large degree through our blogging connections, I think – certainly apples to me, anyway! It seems a little bizarre as you say to have your winter vegetables and zinnias appearing simultaneously – but certainly no reason to complain and you have created a vase out of the synchronicity too 🙂 ps where did you move from?

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    • The vegetables and flowers are supposed to be fruiting and flowering now, winter vegetables are a huge industry in South Florida. It is too hot to grow many vegetables here in the summer. I am from Atlanta , Georgia about 600 miles north and light years away in plant material. I am getting through my learning curve, hopefully.


  7. Christina says:

    You sound so happy, brilliant. Zinnias – ah! It’s not even time to sow them here yet. Is there something negative about living in Florida? You might just find me on the next plane.


    • Yes,my first go at vegetables had dismal results. The raised beds did not have enough irrigation and my husband ran over the citrus trees with the lawn mower. Redid the beds and Irrigation and will be planting new citrus soon. Florida is miserably hot July through mid October, they are not careful about pollution and there are the hurricanes, otherwise, great.

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  8. Eliza Waters says:

    A salad and a vase-full of sunshine – what could be better? 🙂 I’m a lover of the Z. ‘Profusion’ series, they resist mildew, are tough and prolific. But I grow the taller Z. elegans because monarchs love them and you know I’ll do what I can for them!

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  9. AlisonC says:

    It must be a complete re-education but how fantastic to have winter veg. Your zinnias are cheering us in the north. Mine are rarely any good but I will keep trying.


    • Yes, garden design with houseplants, tomatoes in February but not summer.A mind blower. The Zinnias are cheering me.This is my second attempt and they are in the ground, no potted seedlings involved.


  10. Kris P says:

    Gaillardias and winter vegetables will grow here too but I’ve never tried growing Zinnias this early. Since I have something like 8 to 10 packets of Zinnia seeds waiting in the wings, perhaps I should experiment – there’s no way I’m going to have room to sow all of them for a summer crop anyway and it already feels like summer here. I gave up on vegetables (other than artichokes) but I admit your winter crop makes me envious.

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    • Hmm,I planted the Zinnias in November and will try some more to see if they can be grown year round. The winter veg has been good – will definitely do it again, lettuce, beans and radishes have been really easy, the tomatoes are creeping along. I wish for artichokes!


  11. I think it’s just amazing that you have zinnias in February. I could never grow them in a million years, even in July, so I shall enjoy yours from afar.

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  12. I love zinnias too. There are lots in the garden at Charleston Farmhouse as they were a favourite of the artist Vanessa Bell.


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