A Message from the Universe


This is the White Geiger tree behind my house shortly after sunrise this morning. The soft light gives an impressionist effect to the photo. The tree is crooked as a result of Hurricane Matthew. I am hoping it grows out of it. As I was watching over my dogs I thought the flowers were spelling something.

IS? Is what. It is what it is, a White Geiger. Here is a close up of the flower.



6 comments on “A Message from the Universe

  1. Ha! Next it will be spiderwebs.

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  2. Chloris says:

    Beautiful, I didn’t know you could get it in white, I thought it was always red orange. And what were you doing up at sunrise? I love the idea of it but can never achieve it


    • The orange ones are Florida natives, the White ones come from the Rio Grande area, northern Mexico. I have this dog who gets up at 6 am and my husband does too. I wouldn’t otherwise. I wish you could see my bromeliads, they have turned shades of red for spring. I may have to do foliage day!


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