The Harbinger of Winter


My Northern Hemisphere concept of the harbinger of winter has changed along with the latitude I now call home. We have Christmas Palms starting to bear red berries and many plants coming into bloom as the seasons change. A sled pulled by a team of flamingos has appeared on a front lawn up the street and the flamingos are wearing red capes! I laugh everytime I see this bit of holiday yard art.

Hong Kong Orchid (Bauhinia) trees start to flower in December and I spied my first one this morning while walking my hounds. The first one was white and as I walked back into my driveway, I noticed my neighbors purple one had just started to flower as well. In the next month or so this tree will be covered in what appears to be purple butterflies.

Winter is just around the corner.



6 comments on “The Harbinger of Winter

  1. I love the orchid trees. One person wanted to make Houston the orchid tree capital. I’m not sure if it took off. I am just a tad bit too far north to grow them. I had one that hung on for years and it finally gave up this year.

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    • Really! wow, I would not have thought they would grow as far north as Houston. The purple one is old and is not seedless which makes me not love it until now.

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      • Well, I have not thoroughly researched them, but I think some are from India and called the same name. I don’t know if that would make a difference. I am guessing mature trees could take a cold snap, but the young one I had couldn’t.


      • I was amazed to see Cuban Poncianas intown in Houston. It may be pockets where some of the more tropical trees can grow. I can’t recall seeing the Orchid trees much further north than Tampa, then again I recall less than I used to! they are considered Zone 9-11 as far as I know.

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  2. Chloris says:

    Flamingos in red capes? You’ ve not been at that triple bubbly again have you? How wonderful to have a beautiful Bauhinia as a Christmas tree.

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