In A Vase on Monday -Cherry, Cherry on A Hot August Night

20160821_094215-1People of a certain age may remember what my title is referring to – a Neil Diamond album popular in the 1970’s.

Here is the link

Hot August Night was a favorite of one of my brothers, who played the record a lot. Cherry, Cherry is one of the songs I associate with the album. Sweet Caroline would be the other.

What does this have to do with gardening? Well, the nights are really hot here in South Florida in August – the low temperature  last night was 78 (25.5 Celsius), the high this afternoon is 95 (35 Celsius) with heat index  104 (40 Celsius). I have been installing Microspray irrigation in the perennial beds during cooler hours as the irrigation system that came with the house won’t support anything but widely spaced tufts of torpedo grass. Hand watering while having irrigation is a bit tiresome and I have been planning a more detailed perennial garden.


So, on these hot August nights when I am toiling at twilight I can smell the wonderful Tropical Gardenias (in bud in the arrangement) Tabernaemontana divaricata, the Tropical Red Salvias (Salvia coccinea) are the perennials in need of more water and the big Red Hibiscus – Cherry, Cherry. The Hibiscus is from an ancient old fashioned shrub and I wish I knew the cultivar, it is one of the great indestructibles. The Asian Ferns in the arrangement are probably going to be too happy after they get more reliable rain from the Microspray irrigation. The crystal Rose Bowl was inherited from my mother and I have not had a rose in it, so far.

The more detailed perennial garden I am working on this fall is going to include some alumni from this Summer’s vases – from all the Cathys, the Italian White Sunflower, Asters from Cathy, and the Cactus Zinnias from Susie and Cathy. I have the seeds and will start potting in a few weeks for planting later in October. A grand experiment is in the works.

As far as Neil Diamond goes, I am still humming Sweet Caroline..





16 comments on “In A Vase on Monday -Cherry, Cherry on A Hot August Night

  1. I loved that Album! A fellow student brought her extra stereo into our high school yearbook room and we played that album everyday. It was great to start the day with Crunchy Granola! Also love the vase as I have most of those flowers in my garden and it sounds downright cold in Florida. We finally broke 100 in the shade.


  2. joanna says:

    How lovely together, these so different reds.

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  3. What a bold arrangement, Amy. I love it. Do you have to replace the hybiscus daily? It’s pretty, eh? Now, how does one know that this is a rose vase? I never know what vase is for what.


    • Thank you, the Hibiscus closed but the Gardenia opened so I left it as it was. I do think that Hibiscus is pretty! A Rose Bowl is low and round with a smaller opening at the top to hold the heavy blossoms up.

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  4. I love that strong red color! I miss growing Hibiscus. It was prone to infestations of giant whitefly in my former garden and it’s probably too dry for it in my current garden, although maybe I could make a go of one in a pot…

    Best wishes with the irrigation installation! I’m doing most of my gardening in the early morning and late afternoon now too in the interest of avoiding heatstroke.

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    • That particular Hibiscus is an old variety that is nearly indestructible – growing in partial shade in unirrigated sugar sand. My first phase irrigation is complete, so thank you. Next phase when cooler weather starts.


  5. Those gorgeous crepe-y petals… they remind me of Christmas, although it is a most summery and tropical vase.

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  6. pbmgarden says:

    Your vase is beautiful with that strong red Hibiscus setting the mood. Hope you get some cool relief soon. Today we’ve had a reprieve with a high today of 86F.


  7. Eliza Waters says:

    Love this! The red Salvia and Hibiscus contrast nicely with the greens, both dark gardenia and the lighter fern. I can almost smell that gardenia. 🙂

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