In A Vase on Monday – I’ll Swanee


I’ll swanee is slang from the American South. I think of it as a polite old lady’s way of exclaiming I swear. I have never swaneed myself, either I am not old enough or not Southern enough. Stay tuned. My mother would come up with things like “I’ll Swanee! I have never seen anyone with hair the color of a cocker spaniel before” translation, “I swear that is the worst dye job I have ever seen, meow” The term Swanee is frequently used as a means to soften a catty comment.

The green glass swan is another  heirloom from my mother, the avid swan collector. It might be an ashtray from the 5o’s, I am not quite sure what it is, today it is a vase. The swan collection was so overwhelming as I was clearing out her house everyone got a swan, I ended up with this one and some other green glass pieces. Another view:


As for the plants used in the arrangement, this is a good vase for butterflies. All attract butterflies, the blue flowers are from Tropical Blue Plumbago (Plumbago auriculata) I think of these as the hydrangeas of the tropics, summer flowering and they are showy as the weather heats up in June and July. The smaller purple flowers are from the Golden Dewdrop (Duranta) and the white flowers are Plumeria or Frangipani. I added a few green ferns for contrast.



22 comments on “In A Vase on Monday – I’ll Swanee

  1. FlowerAlley says:

    Sweet swans shouldn’t swear.

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  2. Eliza Waters says:

    This must smell heavenly!


  3. George Rogers says:

    I swanee that one’s a keeper!


  4. I like the swan vase. Over hear they say “bless her heart”. I thought it was nice until someone finally told me it was code for doing something stupid.


  5. pbmgarden says:

    I also grew up hearing that phrase, not usually in a catty way, but rather sheer disbelief. The Plumbago is such a lovely blue and the pure white Frangipani are lovely. My maternal aunt lived in Florida and grew Frangipani–we giggled at the name but it’s so pretty.


    • I think there were some catty genes in my mother’s side of the family..that is the old fashioned Plumbago, the newer ones are much deeper blue, much like Hydrangeas.


  6. Christina says:

    Frangipani! I’m so envious, it has such a divine perfume, your vase must scent the room. Plumbago is hardy in a sheltered spot here; I’ve just remembered that I haven’t seen where I put the plant I over-wintered in the greenhouse. The swan makes a great vase.


  7. Cathy says:

    I had a giggle at your Swanee explanation – and the distribution of swan memorabilia! This one certainly makes a perfect vase which you have filled brilliantly with material that is enhanced by the green glass. The ferns reflecting the wings/tail is a clever touch. Thanks for sharing


  8. Your description of your mother’s swan collection had me laughing. I’m glad you’re making good use of this one – whatever it was intended to be, it makes a great vase and you found a good collection of delicate blooms to fill it. You have me wondering if I’ll ever see blooms again on my own sad excuse for a Plumeria.

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    • Thank you, I went to your blog and loved the arrangements – your Agapanthus and my Plumeria need to trade places! Love that new vase, I thought it was a stylized Ginkgo.


  9. Cathy says:

    That is really pretty Amelia! I grow a different kind of Plumbago that flowers late summer and autumn and has lovely red foliage. But yours has much larger flowers. The fern is a great addition. Love the swan!


  10. Well, I’ll swanee! what a great job you’ve done, arranging flowers in what – for me at least – would be a very difficult container to work with. Well done! I’m off to look at it again. And will try to not swanee this time….


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