A Tomato Based Limerick


There once was a tomato in my garden,

An heirloom seedling gifted to me by the daughter of a game warden.

The seedling named Mortgage Lifter, it was said, never fails to inspire.

I waited gleefully for ripe fruit to transpire.

20160510_182314 (1)

The day finally dawned.

A perfectly ripe, red fruit had spawned.

The tomato was plucked

Into the kitchen it was trucked

A dinner salad was implored.

Mortgage Lifter  is patiently awaiting its fate on the cutting board.


A tomato knife was wielded.

A perfect red slice yielded.


The salad constructed, our forks and hearts were lifted.

Yet the mortgage was not shifted.


8 comments on “A Tomato Based Limerick

  1. George Rogers says:

    A gardener, floral arranger, chef, and poet!


  2. Chloris says:

    What a lovely juicy tomato. No, you csn’ t call it a limerick. It is more like an Ode to a Tomato. A limerick has 5 lines and an anapestic meter. And it has to be rude. Well they usually are. The Pianist and I make them up when we are travelling in the car. When we need to raise the tone we do haikus instead.


    • I considered an ode, but really sounds too classical, and really a haiku with the verb truck? a rude limerick could be developing here – I think you and the Pianist should finish it as I don’t know what the truck is anapestic, sounds like something that infests tomatoes?!


      • Chloris says:

        No, not a disease, an anapestic meter is poetic meter which consists of three syllables: unstressed, unstressed, stressed. You could go all Shakespearian and stick to iambic pentameter.
        Oh, I just got the truck thing. Don’ t be rude.


      • So sorry, I thought that is what limericks were really about!!
        I am rarely poetically inspired, my first ever big tomato did it! No future worries in that regard.


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