In A Vase on Monday – Refugees from the Potting Bench


I have had a trying dental week, culminating in a root canal followed by pain medication. Never having experienced a root canal, I had not realized the need for pain medication. Vicodin and I usually do not get along, but the drug came highly recommended by the doctor and his staff, so I relented and took some. My problem with these sorts of medications is – if 3 steps are needed to complete a task, only 2 are retained by my mind. Example, to set the timer on the stove it has to be turned on, time set, then started. The loss of any step results in no time. Then you are left wondering if the pasta is done and when you started it. On the other hand, the teeth feel really fine. I have, wisely, stayed away from my car.

I awoke this morning feeling much better, put some cat food in my cereal bowl, got a fork to eat it, then realized it was time for more coffee and a walk around the garden.

The search for vase materials was on and I stopped at my potting bench where all my plant refugees looking for a home live until they are planted. Sometimes it takes years to find a home as I tend to buy plants without considering where they should go. This Bromeliad had bravely put up a flower after languishing on the bench for quite some time. The fluorescent salmon color is quite lovely. Here is the unnamed Bromeliad, I think it is an Aechmea, burgundy and olive green foliage accent the salmon flower:

20160311_090319 (1)


At the same time I have been rooting some cuttings from an overgrown Solar Sunrise Coleus and thought they looked nice together in this big olive green container I bought at GoodWill (charity shop). The Blue Daze Evolvulous was  left over from a new bed that I am working on in the garden.

I like the combination and have added some other refugees for company. The shell is from the ocean, of course, and the pseudo Mayan sculpture is an incense burner from my brother, circa 1975 and Pier One. I keep this around for sentimental reasons, and it looks great with the Salmon Bromeliad.

In case of culinary concerns, I gave the cat the cat food and she was quite happy, had another cup of coffee and no more Vicodin. Now all I need is a filling to seal the root canal. Joy and Bliss later this week.




20 comments on “In A Vase on Monday – Refugees from the Potting Bench

  1. Another creative arrangement…very nice! I had some bromeliads planted in the garden and the rabbits ate them. So I put them in pots on the patio and the rabbits ate them too. I would think they would be too much chewing and fiber.


  2. pbmgarden says:

    This is so attractive. I like how the Coleus drapes and curves and the color reflects that in the Bromeliad. Hope your recovery is swift and complete.


  3. George Rogers says:

    As always, a treat to see your choice of vase, incense burner, and garden delights. Maybe you should take an arrangement to the dentist and beg for mercy.


  4. FlowerAlley says:

    THIS is why I follow your blog. You are real! I loved this post. Feel better soon.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Hannah says:

    How special to have a bromeliad blooming, such a pretty color, Amelia. I like the large green container with the sculpted flowers, and the happy blue little flowers, true blues are so hard to find. The Coleus is really exuberant too. You had me in suspense over the cat food, I’m glad the cat ended up eating it! I hope the filling part goes well for you, root canals are rather perturbing.


    • Thanks, Hannah, I agree about true blues and they are one of my favorites so I keep looking. I hope I would have noticed the cat food before I actually ate any, but it was Poultry Platter!


  6. Kris P says:

    I’ve had Monday mornings like that! I’m glad the cat got your breakfast and that your mouth is on the mend. You arrangement demonstrates how much more tropical your climate is than mine here in SoCal, where our winter rains have made a late return (not that I’m complaining!). I love that coleus! And the sight of your Evolvulous has me wondering if those I planted last year will reappear this year.


    • I have survived, I am in South Florida near the Atlantic and in Zone 10A, pretty tropical but I can’t grow Spathiphyllums and things like that here. We have tons of Bromeliads which I am having a blast learning about. I have had Evolvulous for a couple of years and am beginning to think it is a short lived perennial here.


  7. Cathy says:

    Isn’t it lovely when a motley collection of materials comes together so well, as this does? Will the material return to the potting bench once the vase is dismantled…?! I have started some coleus from seed but although it germinated promptly it has done nothing since and probably needs to be rather warmer to get going. Thanks for sharing today


    • That was a motley crue! The bromeliads usually produce pups after flowering and I am working on a tropical garden so most likely the Bromeliad and Coleus will go in my new garden and the Blue Daze will be added to an existing bed. Coleus does need some heat to grow, I think, the cuttings rooted in a few days – it has been warm here lately.


  8. Love the arrangement especially the coleus!


  9. Cathy says:

    Well done for putting a pretty arrangement together under the conditions.., I do hope the treatment is all over soon, and painless too. 🙂


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