In A Vase on Monday -Caribbean Delight


This is a Caribbean Delight as the centerpiece of the arrangement is a Dwarf Jamaican Heliconia (Heliconia stricta) – I believe. The lady I bought this from didn’t seem entirely sure of the ID and I have never seen one before. I am, however, a sucker for a well priced Heliconia and hopefully the garden will not overrun with Dwarf Jamaicans. Heliconias can be pretty creepy.


The dark foliage is from Piecrust Croton (Codiaeum variegatum  ‘Piecrust’) and I love the contrast. The fine textured foliage is  Asparagus Fern (Asparagus aethiopicus). The Croton I planted, the Asparagus Fern just appeared in the back garden one day. I cut some every now and again and that seems to keep it in bounds. Asparagus Fern is rumored to be invasive, I think the spot it popped up in is not its happy place.

The crystal Rose Bowl belonged to my mother, I think I bought it for her – but that memory just won’t quite gel. It is a nice crystal Rose Bowl. I have Rose issues so it is unlikely to ever see any Roses. I am quite happy about the Heliconias – at least they are red!

It is Valentine’s Day as I write this. This vase is going to be our centerpiece for dinner.


Here’s the table setting Portmerion Rose China and here is dinner:


Mustard crusted Rack of Lamb, Mashed Potatoes and Steamed Green Beans. Not particularly Caribbean, but oh so good. Followed by Chocolate Brownies with Vanilla Ice Cream. Hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day.




38 comments on “In A Vase on Monday -Caribbean Delight

  1. A delicious dinner! And what a delicious vase. A stunning plant I had not come across. Love the colors.


  2. Those dotted leaves are soooo dramatic! And that arrangement goes so nicely with your dishes. I used red plates as well and showed a picture of our dinner but on Sunday’s post. As much fun to see other’s table displays as vases.


  3. Cathy says:

    Dinner does sound nice – and you must have been reluctant to clear your plate and show those roses underneath again! Your vase contents are from another world to us here in the UK, although you can buy croton as a house plant (‘Joseph’s Coat’) – never heard of Heliconia and if you suggest they are creepy I am not sure that I want to! They make for a lovely vase though 😉


  4. George Rogers says:

    The croton and Heliconia do go so nicely Valentines-day together…the coloration of that croton is truly a treat.

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  5. Kris P says:

    Yum! Dinner looks great, as does your vase. That Heliconia and the croton are made for one another. I gather that Heliconia spread rapidly in your climate?


    • Kris,Thank you, I love the Crotons and the Heliconias H. psittacorum do spread like mad, the rest I am not so sure, soil is not like Hawaii here, sand and more sand. We do have Pink Powderpuffs, too – though I don’t.


  6. The Heliconias match the colors in the Croton so well, what a lovely combination for Valentine’s Day, Amelia! Asparagus Fern makes a nice ferny filler plant, and so vigorous!


  7. Noelle says:

    Your arrangement is quick apt for Valentine’s dinner…we used to call the fern Kiss me Quick, and the main red ‘flower’ Crab’s Mauritius where I lived when a little girl.


  8. Annette says:

    A beautiful centrepiece indeed and I see you also long for a touch of the exotic. I saw Heliconia growing in South America, beautiful when mature.


  9. Chloris says:

    How exotic. I love heliconias, I would have great stands of them if they would grow here. And what a perfect match for the Croton leaf. Beautiful!
    What a lovely valentine dinner, we forgot all about it.


  10. I love that Croton. Do all gardeners have those dishes? I fell in love with them and have collected them over the years.


  11. Christina says:

    What amazing colours your beautiful foliage has, very exotic. dinner looks good too.

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  12. I love everything about this post, from the flowers to the dishware to the food.
    And I just had a thought: you could add a Caribbean flair to the lamb by using jerk seasoning and a mild mint jelly. As you know, I make apple and mint jelly and my friend blends it with the jerk seasoning to make a really delicious roast lamb.


  13. And your statement made me laugh: “hopefully the garden will not overrun with Dwarf Jamaicans.” I had this image of Jamaican dwarfs overrunning your garden!

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