Tortoise Thursday

Gopher Tortoise

Gopher Tortoise

Thursday is my day for reptile sightings. I was in my garage this afternoon and heard a strange scrabbling noise. I looked down to spy a Florida Gopher Tortoise trucking down my driveway, heading into my garage. I quickly closed the garage door, which makes a racket, the tortoise just watched it come down and kept going.

These are burrowing tortoises and share their burrows with more than 300 other species, including rattlesnakes. They are a protected species in Florida and permits must be procured to develop a site where there are Gopher Tortoises. There are some empty lots nearby and I am guessing that is home for this one.

I finally got him or her pointed in the right direction and he headed for home, I hope.


6 comments on “Tortoise Thursday

  1. Chloris says:

    Is this a new meme? Tortoise Thursday? And a Gopher tortoise? I am fascinated by the exotic wildlife in your garden.


    • Well, I will wait til next Thursday to see what shows up. I am fascinated by the wildlife as well. The birds that fly through here in December and January are truly amazing, I’ve noticed I have a lot of orange flowers = so I may do a vase on Monday if that is still going on?


  2. Your garden is really attracting some interesting animals. I just found out what was eating my flowers in the front yard…a big buck with a full rack.


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