Slideshow from Treasure Coast Wetlands

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I recently completed a class in Native Plants associated with Palm Beach State College. Here are some of the plants from our nearby wetlands. Most of the pictures are from Hawks Bluff in Jensen Beach.

Hopefully we will be able to save all these plants for our future generations to enjoy. For now I will take a hike in my neighborhood to visit.


7 comments on “Slideshow from Treasure Coast Wetlands

  1. mattb325 says:

    Great slideshow – I love thebromeliads and airplants. Is the Northern needleleaf an airplant or bromeliad?


  2. What an interesting class. I liked the bromeliads and tillandsias also. We don’t stay warm enough for those to grow here in the wild.


  3. Chloris says:

    I love your slideshow. What amazing wildflowers, they look so exotic to me.


    • Hmmm, exotic til you want to get rid of it! Seriously, I am really enjoying learning about the native Bromeliads and may go on another slog through the swamp to see if the Cardinal Airplant is blooming.


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