Epiphany at the Grocery Store

I stopped by the grocery store this afternoon to pick up some things for dinner. After shopping I went back to my car and was stopped by the beautiful flowering trees in the parking lot.

Having experienced Tropic Florida’s winter for the past several years, it is difficult to conceive of the season of spring. Winter is a whisper in your ear one night in February. In my mind, the season following winter is a literal release from the prison of your house. Standing in the parking lot was evidence of spring occurring further south than my mind had grasped.

The first clue was a Purple Hong Kong Orchid Tree, here is the flower. Botanically speaking this is the Bauhinia purpurea, although there are many varieties. Capturing this tree with photography has been eluding me.

Hong Kong Orchid Flower

Hong Kong Orchid Flower

Hong Kong Orchid Tree

Hong Kong Orchid Tree

The failure of the photo to do the tree justice may be a difficulty with purple, but this tree is spectacular. Draped with the purple orchid like flowers, it appears large purple and pink butterflies have landed in graceful groups along the tops of the branches.

The next tree in the lot was a White Geiger Tree. I would characterize these trees as semi evergreen. The genus is Cordia, I am not sure exactly which one this is as one is from Brazil and another from Texas. Nevertheless, a good addition to the landscape.

White Geiger Tree

White Geiger Tree

The next tree I spied was a Tabebuia, nothing shouts spring like the golden trumpets of the Tabebuia.



My Epiphany was that spring does come to the Tropics of Florida. I suppose it is my North American predisposition to think of Spring flowering trees as Redbuds, Dogwoods and Cherries, but before my eyes the trees were evidence of spring blossoming everywhere.

10 comments on “Epiphany at the Grocery Store

  1. It is difficult to tell when the seasons come and go after coming from the north. After many years of living here, I can actually see the leaves change colors (I came from the land of flaming sugar maples). Of course, this happens close to Christmas!


  2. mattb325 says:

    I’ve never seen a Geiger tree. What a true beauty!


    • I think we were discussing enough room for trees? I think I must have one of these. The White ones are native to the Rio Grande area (Texas) and there are Orange Geiger trees that I see around but I think I am a bit too far north as they are native to the Keys. The white ones are supposed to be more cold hardy? seems strange in Florida. I think I found one though at a local natives nursery.

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  3. Okay, you got me. I have tree envy, plain and simple.


  4. Chloris says:

    I don’ t know the Geiger tree but I have come across the Bauhinia and Tabebuia in Martinique and they are absolutely stunning. How wonderful to be able to grow such glorious trees.


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