Garden Writing- What are we doing?

6-24-08 017

I have been blogging for just about a year and I will have to say enjoying the experience. I have chatted with gardeners from around the world and learned that gardeners are interested in what grows well, everywhere. It always amazes me how the simple act of planting a seedling cuts through all socioeconomic, age and racial lines. Someone from all walks of life is interested in what actually comes up and flowers/fruits or whatever.

During the past year I managed to have one article published in a national magazine and have been disappointed and in some cases appalled by the comments I get from the Editors. I preface this by saying I have been in the design business for thirty years, which is populated by zealous critical people, and yes they can be very snooty.

I am shocked to find that magazine editors are much, much worse than designers.  Rude and snooty. Maybe I am just an old lady. And frankly, not really sure why the editors have this attitude. The major complaint they have with me is that I live in Florida. Ewww, think about it, though, this is the third most populous state in the USA – there are lots of ooky Floridians. My suspicion is they buy magazines.

Really, if you think about almost anywhere you live thirty miles (60km) up the road the gardeners are growing something you can’t. Gardens and design are gardens and design plant material is a tool.

I think what I am writing about is my gardening experience, not that everyone in the world should be planting Heliconias in their front yard. Things are never that simple. I also like to read about what everyone else is growing everywhere else. I love to hear about people adding sustainable ideas to their gardens and sharing the ideas.  There are good ideas in every climate and really from every gardener.

Making gardens is a noble task. Wherever you might be.

i would really love some opinions on this…



12 comments on “Garden Writing- What are we doing?

  1. mattb325 says:

    Gardening certainly is the great social leveller. I think that this is rooted in the fact that most people throughout history needed to be able to grow things to be able to put a meal on the table, make a medicine/tincture or just freshen the house with nice smells. As for magazine editors, I’ve only ever had a couple of things published, way back in my university days. I remember that the experience was harrowing, but I was probably too young to pick up on their ego (thankfully)!!!!


  2. It sure is funny how somebody just up the road can through yellow carrots while I can’t. I always ask this one lady that I know what kind of soil amendments she uses and what variety of seed she’s planting. She always has the luck when I don’t. But, I have the best luck with tomatoes! Go figure!


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