Bromeliad update – Matchstick and Aechmea idon’tknowwhatitis

Pink Bromeliad

Pink Bromeliad

This is a close up of an Aechmea Bromeliad I bought two years ago. Totally pink and as weird looking as these things are sometimes. I used this in a an article that never got published. Being a cooperative plant it put out a pup and the mother plant died after hanging around for a while. I waited for the thing to bloom again and set in the ground in a relatively shady, sandy bed with some Bromeliad friends.

A month or so ago,  it started sending up a stalk -yes, it looked like a girl power corn cob.

Second Generation Pink Bromeliad

Second Generation Pink Bromeliad

I am calling this Aechmea idon’tknowwhatitis because the guy I bought it from did not know either. And there are a zillion of these things and from this I guess that they are not clones from the mother plant.

Here is a close up of the flower from Second Generation

Pink and Yellow Bromeliad

Pink and Yellow Bromeliad

Curiouser and curiouser, this flower just stays pink and yellow and has been around for a couple of weeks now.

An additional Bromeliad note, the Matchstick Bromeliads I planted in nearly full sun have all burned up with the exception of one that looks great. So, take the ‘this one likes the sun’ advice with a grain of salt and try a little shade.

2 comments on “Bromeliad update – Matchstick and Aechmea idon’tknowwhatitis

  1. mattb325 says:

    Very nice! I used to be able to grow Bromeliads out-of-doors in Sydney, but in my new garden, they have to be given complete shelter…at any rate, I’m wondering if yours might be ‘little harv’ or ‘fantasia’…either way, it sure is a beauty!


    • It looks like both of them, but has bronze foliage and is maybe 24″ tall. Something probably crossed somewhere. The guy I bought this from keeps many varieties of Aechmea in the ground and digs them as people buy them – so I bought it in bloom, bare root.
      Thanks for the lead, I have learned two more Bromeliads!


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