Indoctrination by Greyhound


Here is our first Greyhound, Butler in his favored spot. As a new dog owner it had not occurred to me that the dog would even want to sit on the sofa. They were supposed to be floor creatures and sleep in dog beds. I soon found out this was not true. Butler liked to be on the sofa regardless of who else was sitting there. I did not realize the magnitude of my ignorance until it dawned on me that he slept with his mouth open and it was really time to buy a steam upholstery cleaner because it was way too late to get the dog off of the sofa.

I have become quite good at steam cleaning upholstery and recently cleaned the interior of my husband’s BMW. A proud moment for anyone.

Another thing about Butler was wherever I went he wanted to follow. One night it was raining and my husband was painting window trim. I went outside and hesitated, thinking I should take the dog with me because he had a tendency towards mischief. Unfortunately, I left him in the house while I went out to pick some Rosemary for dinner. Bad idea, I came back in the house to find him licking paint off the windowsill. It was late and my vet was closed for the night so I went to read the paint cannot good. Paint contains an antifreeze like component to help it dry and yes, it will poison dogs.

I bundled Butler into the car and took him to the Emergency Vet. He was undisturbed by the entire event and happy to go for a ride in the car. I sat and sat while they administered activated charcoal to the dog. I envisioned Butler funneling fish tank charcoal like he was attending a frat party.  I am not exactly sure how they got the charcoal in him, but they got enough in there soon enough that he would be fine. Somehow charcoal absorbs the poison so the dog doesn’t.

The Emergency Vet gave Butler back to me after I paid a good sized bill, but failed to mention the rate at which the charcoal would fly out of the dog. It was after midnight and raining, we were a mile or so from home when Butler started whining a bit. “Hold on guy, we are almost home.” I said. I pulled into the garage and looked into my (previously) tan Jeep interior. Finding it charcoal spotted. Oops. The good news is charcoal neutralizes odors.

I took the dog out of the car and into my neighbor’s front yard, not intentionally, just came out that side of the garage. I suddenly had a jet propelled dog fueled by fish tank charcoal. He was moving forward with the force of his own intestinal power as he pooped. I was pretty sure at that point the paint was gone; so I called the Emergency Vet to check. “Yep, that is what is supposed to happen, he should be fine tomorrow.”

Thanks for the heads up.

The next morning I looked outside (it was winter and the grass was brown and dormant) to see a 10 foot long black streak in my neighbor’s lawn. Then I looked in the back of my Jeep and was happy I had the steam cleaner.

Like I said, I am good at cleaning car upholstery, although charcoal is a bit of a challenge.

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10 comments on “Indoctrination by Greyhound

  1. jenn says:

    Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your blog! Happy to read that your pooch is fine – laughed all the way through – thank you!


    • Thanks, Jenn

      All hail Butler, a dog among dogs!


      • jenn says:

        Hail Butler!

        Just finished reading your “Summer / Not-Summer” blog… Loved it… felt the same way when I first moved to South Florida from up north (the Sopranos line killed me lol). I found your site looking at google images of bromeliad beds (I’ve been collecting them myself).

        Thank you for sharing your stories… love them!



      • Thanks again, I just sold one of my dog stories to a national magazine. Yay..

        I have been wondering about the quilt icons, I get comments from a lot of people who use those. Is it blog related?


      • jenn says:

        Congratulations! I can see why… wonderful stories 🙂

        Not sure what a quilt icon is… if it’s the emotion icons, people love using them (thumbs up, smiley faces, laughing, etc) in blogs and forums.



      • it is the green and white square that appears by your name, it looks like a quilt square (to me)?


  2. jenn says:

    Ahhh, I see it! I didn’t pick anything, just appeared when I commented…. looks like it’s a default picture when no picture is selected to go along with name. 😀


    • Too funny, I have been mystified by all the quilters and there are no quilters! Thanks!


      • jenn says:

        lol… I didn’t even notice it until you pointed it out!

        Here’s what I discovered: When a person is leaving a reply there is a line underneath the comment box that says: “fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:” There are three info. blocks underneath it: 1st block has email address, block underneath that has name, and last block allows for website, should the person have one (after replying once, your information is saved). If the replier moves their mouse over the “quilt” next to their email address it says: This picture will show whenever you leave a comment. Click to customize it.”

        The quilt is pretty 😀


    • OK, I thought there were legions of quilters!!
      Somebody (or somebody’s Mom) at WordPress must be a quilter.


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