The Garden Club of Stuart Tour

Last Saturday as I was riding in the car with my husband, I noticed a sign for A Garden Tour. This peaked my interest. So I went home to see what it was all about. After a few moments on the computer I found that The Garden Club of Stuart holds a biannual event that includes touring 7 Private Gardens in Stuart and Palm City. The Gardens are open over the weekend and you tour at your leisure.

As I have been around here a while I am not sure how I have missed this event; but I will likely do it again and the next time visit all the gardens. I made it to a little more than half, but they were quite enjoyable. I toured three estates on the St. Lucie River and a Tropical Bromeliad Garden in Palm City.

My favorite was the Tropical Bromeliad Garden, an amazing array of bromeliads and tropical plants arranged in sinuous beds set into lawn. Most were labeled which made it more enjoyable for me as I am turning into a bromeliad collector. Snapshots follow:ImageImage

There were probably 100 different varieties in this garden. Beautifully maintained by the homeowner, who must spend hours out in the garden clipping off excess foliage and mulching.

I also found a new plant I must have; a Fire Orchid..


I definitely need to find out more about these. They were beautiful.

The Garden Club has something called the Ramble at the beginning or the end of the tour. At the Ramble they had Bar B Que and a plant and gardening accessories sale. Guess what I bought..some Bromeliads.


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