Rustic Hacienda Concept – Third Contractor Encounter

I’ve decided the design concept for the landscape is Rustic Hacienda. Our house is psuedo Southwestern in appearance, I think the former owners went to Santa Fe at some point and picked up some architectural details and incorporated them into a 1960s vintage ranch house. It is a pretty off the wall residence for two design professionals who met at a big Architecture firm. In keeping with the Rustic Hacienda concept I have had a cattle fence installed in the back for the cattle/Greyhounds. Generally I refer to my dogs as horses, they are 70 and 90 pounds. Small horses. We even have a ranch gate.  My sister clearly thought the fence was weird, but she really did not get the concept.

These fences are common in this area and will last at least 30 years. My husband, the fence builder and I were standing in the yard laughing that the fence would outlive all of us. Either that or I am going to be a really old lady PO’d because the fence needs replacing. The guy who built the fence was an actual cowboy who wore spurs. I got the vapors when I saw them; pure masculine footwear.

Which brings me to my third contractor encounter. I asked the fence builder if he could refer someone to do the concrete work. He did and this guy said ” I can come over next week.” I had high hopes for this, then he sent me his price. $40 a linear foot! for the curb. I almost choked. Of course, no driveway included. I decided to call a friend of mine who builds things like this in Atlanta to get his opinion on the price. His opinion, no more than $10 a linear foot. At this point, I have decided to get out of the concrete business altogether and go to PLAN B.


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