Six on Saturday – Tropical Weather

Tropical weather is on the menu this week in Florida. Two forecasted hurricanes are lurking in the Gulf of Mexico, an unheard of meteorological event. Both are taking aim at the Gulf Coast of the US. Batten down over there. This weather brings downpours that can dump 3 inches of rain per hour in my garden – even hundreds of miles away from the storms. I am joining the Six on Saturday crew at Follow the link to see more posts of six items of interest from gardens around the world.

I am featuring my more tropical plants today. This is a Blanchetiana Bromeliad ramping up to full flower. The flower in back is about seven feet tall.

The flowers on a Java White Copperleaf (Acalphya wilkesiana). These shrubs should reach at least six feet.

A Travelers Palm (Ravenala madagascariensis) I planted these last fall to screen a telephone pole behind my house. They will grow to 30 feet. They have just reached eight feet. These are planted as a sign of hospitality in the South Pacific. The stems hold a great deal of water and a thirsty traveler can cut one for a drink of fresh water.

Fruit forming on the Papaya tree. I am hoping the moths are done with my tree for the year and I get some fruit this winter. The tree is at least fifteen feet tall, so I will have to wait for the fruit to fall off.

The new Papaya planted last year from seeds of the tree above. Papayas are very short lived, so I started this new one. The tomato cage is for protection from my lawn guys

Leaves of the Pink Ball Tree (Dombeya wallachii) This is sometimes called Tropical Hydrangea and flowers during the winter. The shrub grew 9 feet in less than two years.

Happy Gardening!!


27 comments on “Six on Saturday – Tropical Weather

  1. Yup. Just sitting here waiting. This Yankee girl has been through too many hurricanes, including my first year here being hit by Alicia. So far, it doesn’t sound too bad for my location, but the coast my get a big storm surge. Your tropicals are great and it is amazing how fast they grow.

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    • Been thinking about you, I did not realize you had been in Texas that long! Batten down the hatches, do you have hurricane shutters?? Two is too many and how crazy is that? The forecasters are saying it is a weird season. Around here it is OK unless Jim Cantore shows up. Thanks, some of the growth on these plants is mind blowing, I could use my loppers everyday.

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      • By the 5:00 news, the hurricanes shifted dramatically towards LA and at this moment it looks like we will not even get much rain. There is still concern on coast for storm surge. You just never know. Rita was suppose to hit us and Ike was not. They did get Harvey right.


      • Yes..this last hurricane they were off by 800 miles and Irma good grief.. it’s windy here today. Poor Louisiana. Hope it doesn’t get any windier there.

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  2. Hope you missed the worst of the weather.

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  3. tonytomeo says:

    Is the palm to the upper right in the picture of the travelers’ palm a Florida thatch palm?

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  4. Your tropical climate makes for bionic sounding growth. Amazing. I love the travellers palm. Hope the weather changes its mind. Stay safe

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  5. Cathy says:

    Your climate certainly produces some amazing growth on plants! Hope you don’t get too much rain in one go.

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  6. Chloris says:

    Love your tropical stuff Amy. I have seen Travellers Palm in Martinique and I think it is fabulous. I remember reading that it is not actually a palm at all but a member of the Bird of Paradise family. I am envious of your papayas.

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    • Thanks, Liz – I was stuck between T.Palm and White Bird of Paradise for that planting. I love the fan shape and I think it probably grows faster. Fingers crossed for the Papayas.


  7. I love papaya fruit. Wish I could afford to buy it regularly, but it’s tropical, so I only buy it occasionally.


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