Six on Saturday – Bone Dry


The hose has seen a lot of action this week. I  don’t recall the last time it rained, this is the last 6 weeks of our dry season. I have a irrigation system and detest hand watering – the exception, I will water containers. I am watering in the garden after the irrigation runs. I have also been enjoying sitting in the garden, away from the news.

The Roselle (Florida Cranberry Hibiscus) my neighbor grew is waiting for moister weather to be planted. Though, I think they might prefer to get their feet in the ground. This is a Hibiscus with edible leaves and flowers, most commonly used for tea. I haven’t grown it or eaten it, it is an annual here.


I have seen birds and butterflies looking for water in my fountain, so I cleaned and filled it. Always a negotiation with the pump and leveling the container so it doesn’t pump itself dry.


My so called lawn, you can see how far the irrigation goes.


No, I don’t hand water this. This is the Greyhound zone and they don’t care.

A few things seem  to be enjoying the weather. The culinary Bay Leaf is putting on some new leaves; I am cooking with them as I write my post.


This Lotusleaf Begonia is almost 5 feet tall and a mad tropical accent plant. I think the leaves will look better with some rain.


That’s my Six this Saturday – go and visit The Propagator to see

Hope everyone has enough to do in the garden and stays amongst the plants.


16 comments on “Six on Saturday – Bone Dry

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    That begonia is huge! Hope you are doing well. ❤

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  2. Love the orange fountain/urn!!!

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  3. Your garden is coming along and the begonia has really big blooms. I have a similar one, but the flowers are not as prolific. We have made another attempt to grow grass. The 1.5 inches of rain we recently got really made it grow. I can really see a big difference between rainwater and sprinkler water.

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  4. tonytomeo says:

    Roselle? I thought you wrote about that earlier. I read about it somewhere. A mysterious mallow came up in one of the landscapes at work, and needed to be pulled because it was in the way of another project. I canned it though. It looks very much like roselle, but I don’t know how it would have gotten here. It is it an annual there, it would not be perennial here. This mallow seemed to start growing through winter, as if it was already there last year.

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    • I did write about it in Six on Saturday. They are already producing the edible flowers, when they get bigger I will post pictures. Sometimes this is called Florida Cranberry Hibiscus and sold as an annual.

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