Funky Florida Flora – Bismarck Palm


This is the canopy and fruit stalks of a Bismarck Palm (Bismarckia nobilis) – named for Otto Von Bismarck, a very big and very blue gray palm. So big, the fronds are 4 feet across and they can reach 60 feet in height. I frequently see these towering palms dwarfing the houses they are planted near.

A native of Madagascar – a place that must have spectacular Dr. Seuss-like forests. Bismarcks are hardy to freezing and adaptable to a wide variety of soils.

Here are the fruits, they are about 2 inches in diameter and fall indiscriminately to the ground. A bit like a chestnut, one of my greyhounds had a bite of one and immediately spit it out, so I am guessing not so tasty.




11 comments on “Funky Florida Flora – Bismarck Palm

  1. tonytomeo says:

    The first one of these that I ever saw was in the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, probably because someone assumed that such an exotic palm must be tropical and sensitive to frost. I saw it when I was a little kid, and it is probably still there. They are still rare here.

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  2. I wonder if they grow here, maybe around Galveston. I’ll keep an eye out for them.

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  3. Chloris says:

    I’ve seen them growing in Martinique, they are fabulous.

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