In A Vase on Monday-Tropical Posy


I am beginning to think I should call these posts “In a Repurposed Object on Monday”. This particular arrangement evolved as I was meandering in my garden with clippers and scissors. I was hoping for some tropical Gardenias but they are still tormenting me with only buds, no blooms.

I was enduring my usual design lecture from myself, must cut 5 flowers followed by foliages (colored)- 3 each,  with contrasting green elements 1 each (coarse and fine textured) As I gathered my elements I realized it was a tropical posy! Relying on my new posy identification skills, a nosegay was formed that was too small to be considered a bouquet. Delightful. If I ever (unlikely) marry again, I wouldn’t mind carrying this. However, a white dress would be out of the question.

The elements of my repurposed object include, the gold glass vase, which I used for a while to hold olive oil by the stove (it has a cork). I determined it would be just as easy to keep the olive oil in the cabinet in the bottle it came in and not worry about how to clean the gold bottle. Reading too many Home and Garden magazines causes these sorts of dilemmas.

The red flowers are Heliconia psittacorum, a prolific flowering perennial, the two colored foliages, in red spots are Piecrust Croton and Ornamental Pineapple in grey green. The green foliage is a Split Leaf Philodendron and Asparagus Fern. I will admit to buying the Split Leaf Philodendron (Philodendron selloum) but that Asparagus Fern just sort of pops up sometimes and I cut it for arrangements.


In case you were wondering about the Ornamental Pineapple, here it is. The foliage is red and green striped and the pineapples are tiny and inedible, but very pretty. This one was gifted to me by a new gardening friend. Not a clue about the botanical name.


16 comments on “In A Vase on Monday-Tropical Posy

  1. Love your tropicals, especially the pineapple plant.


  2. Cathy says:

    I had to smile at the thought of you lecturing yourself as you cut the things for your posy – and what a lovely result it was. I wonder what I would choose for a wedding bouquet for myself now …? It was red gladioli the first time, then a tiny artificial posy when I married the Golfer – perhaps I could make myself a dream posy one of these Mondays…?

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  3. Another stunning tropical display…love the blooms and the foliage of the Ornamental Pineapple.


  4. Christina says:

    Very interesting combination and a transparent gold vase is intriguing.

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  5. I think the gold container is much more impressive as a vase than a olive oil jug! The Heliconia fit it beautifully. I enjoyed your pondering on the contents of a wedding nosegay. I got married by a traffic court judge on his lunch break and at the time never thought of carrying a bouquet of any kind but now you’ve got me wondering what I would have chosen…


  6. Love it! Great foliage.


  7. Hannah says:

    Such wonderful tropical flowers and foliage you have there in Florida, Amelia. I like the strange Heliconia flowers and the Croton leaves. I grew Asparagus fern sometime in the far past, it would be a fun foliage plant. I had to chuckle at the “Repurposed Object”, I’ve used a few of those myself. Anything that hold water is fair game.


  8. Cathy says:

    Ornamental pineapple is a very pretty plant. Love the tropical vase this week!

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  9. See what I mean about your artist’s eye? Look at this new stunner that you created, Amy! Beautiful.

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